Switching from Fixed/Single Speed



The Factory Four is fitted with a high flange Joytech flip-flop hub (rear axel), The freewheel is fitted to one side of the hub, and the fixed gear cog is fitted to the other. To switch, loosen the hub nuts on both the left/right hand side to free the rear wheel from the bicycle frame. Once the rear wheel is freed, “flip” the wheel so that the chain is driving the required cog (fixed gear/single speed). Attach the wheel back on to the bicycle frame.

***If switching to fixed gear, ensure the “lock ring” which holds the fixed gear cog is tightened

Attach the chain to the cog then back to the bicycle frame. Ensure that the chain tension is correct by moving the wheel along the dropout. Tighten the nuts, ensure that the rear wheel is firmly mounted to the bicycle frame.