Bicycle Registrations

Welcome to the bicycles registration page.

Why should I register my bicycle?

Hundreds of bicycles are reported stolen every year including our very own beloved NIXEYCLES.
We encourage our customers to register their NIXEYCLES bicycle’s serial number to help owners, law enforcement and ourselves to trace any stolen bicycles.

Where can the serial number be found?

All our NIXEYCLES bicycles come with a serial number imprinted on the frame below the bottom bracket (where the cranks are).

How can I position my NIXEYCLES bicycles to see the serial number?

As most people do not own bicycle stands to raise their bicycles, we recommend placing the bicycle upside down gently on a soft surface (such as carpet, foam or cardboard)

Before doing so, we recommend removing/adjusting any delicate parts such the bicycle light, bell, reflectors, gear shifter and brake levers to avoid damage.

    How can I prevent bicycle theft?

    Remember to always lock your NIXEYCLES bicycle before and after your ride.

    According to Bicycle Network various types of bicycle theft occur at the bicycle shop, from a motor vehicle and mostly from home. Most important security measures include:

    • Using a u-lock
    • Locking up your bike at home
    • If you share your rides online, start the GPS 200m away from your home