Our Bikes

Our bikes are urban bikes for everyone who wish to recapture the joy of riding as a kid. During the design of our bikes we considered the following 4 elements into the bikes:



The appearance of our bikes can be divided into 2 styles; modern and vintage.
Our modern range features clean lines and vibrant colour combinations which aims to make our bicycles look simply stunning.
Our vintage range aims to all the style from the traditional city bike and enhanced it with modern components.



The riding experience should be comfortable, so our all bikes features an upright riding position as well as the use of components such as soft leather hand grips, and super comfy seats.



Since our bikes are city bikes for the people we have considered featuring things such as:
• Chain guards to protect your clothes from getting caught in the chains
• Dynamo operated LED lights so light up the night, and be seen during the day
• Rear carriers to hold items without having the strain of a backpack on your back
• Adjustable kickstands to you can park on any terrain
• Quick release seat collars so you can lend your bike to your friends for a quick ride
• And of course Australian standards approved reflectors and warning bell



We also considered performance to enhance each riding experience, we also include having items such as:
• Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal gear sets so climbing hills are a piece of cake
• Front and rear Tektro dual pivot brake callipers for some serious braking power
• All season wide tyres perfect for paved roads as well as occasional off bike paths