Bike Exchange reviews on the Classic

Bike Exchange has posted up a review of the Classic on their website. We are also proud to be listed on their website as a certified bicycle manufacturer/retailer The review can be viewed here

We are listed on Bicycles Network Australia

Big thanks to Bicycles Network Australia for listing NIXEYCLES as a brand/manufacturer. Bicycles Network Australia (BNA) was launched in 1999 and is the top Australian cycling portal. It is a free online information resource with comprehensive cycling directory, popular cycling forum and current news, articles and reviews. The site reaches ca. 220,000+ visitors a month, 80% from Oceania. Our listing can be found int he link below.

When bicycles pass on the left


One of the best things about riding a bike in heavy traffic is being able to overtake cars on the left hand side. Most capital cities have arterial roads that turn into part-time car parks during rush hour, especially when cars are queuing to get over a bridge or similar bottleneck. In ideal conditions, a commuter cyclist can pass literally hundreds of cars, and perhaps even be showered and at … Read More →

Can cycling improve your well being

Riding a bicycle is an excellent form of exercise that improves your general health while being gentle on your joints. It offers variable resistance, from slow easy cycling to explosive sprints, which means people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit. It’s also a great way to have fun, get fit and spend time with family and friends. Regular cycling can help manage or prevent many diseases, including obesity, … Read More →

The Invisible bicycle helmet


People die trying to look cool. Vanity is the sad reason why people don’t wear bike helmets. So two Swedish women set out to invent “the invisible bicycle helmet”, They’ve succeeded, and the end product isn’t a made of clear plexiglass and there’s no lightbending-stealth technology. In fact it’s not really a helmet at all. Hövding is a rapidly-inflating airbag that deploys from a collar around your neck when you’re … Read More →