Cleaning & Oiling


A clean bicycle prolongs the paint and various components of the bicycle. If cleaning is needed, use a soft damp cloth/sponge and car wash detergent. The use of harsh industrial solvents may damage the paint. Keep in mind that when cleaning the rims, do not use solvents or oils as they may interfere with the braking efficiency.


It is recommended you regularly lubricate your bicycle to prevent against wear and tear. The bicycle chain should be lubricated at least once every 2 months (or so dependent on frequency of use). Apply a light coat of bicycle chain lubricant along the chain and wipe off excess oil with a rag. Ensure that the chain is clean before applying lubrication – dirty, abrasive particles may wash into the rollers. If your bicycle has an enclosed chain guard, there is no need to lubricate/maintain the chain as often. Brake callipers, levers and cables should also be lightly lubricated, however, keep the lubricant away from the brake pads. Apply at least once every 4 months (or so dependent on frequency of use).